Czech cuisine is very diverse, and every person can find something for themselves. Today I will introduce a recipe that is quick and easy to cook even in a less equipped kitchen.

Any fans of sustainable lifestyle here? We would like to introduce you to a guide on how to do your grocery shopping without any packaging and give you recommendations for some zero-waste shops in Brno.

You have probably already heard about the causes of ESN, and if you haven’t, now it’s time to learn something new! Causes of ESN are areas in which ESN carries out its activities at the local level. Basically, everything our section is doing is motivated by them.

Are you in Brno on your Exchange programme? Or have you just seen some logos of ESN MUNI Brno around the faculties, and you are wondering, what is it supposed to be? Well, briefly, as our president described it: “We are students helping students. All of us are volunteers who joined the section for various reasons, but we all have in common the care for international students coming to our university.”

I know I’m coming late and you may already have packed your suitcases to gone home. I get it. Those crazy Czech people were just running around the whole day, hitting women with tree branches and all. Calm down! Hitting women seems violent but it is actually quite a nice gesture. Let me explain :)

1) Catch the ball!

Every day when the Astronomical clock on the Liberty square strikes at eleven in the morning there’s a ball coming out of it. All you have to do is put your hand in one of the holes and hope you’ll get lucky. If you catch the small glass ball, you’ll have the best souvenir from Brno!

2) Swim in the dam

10 Reasons why Brno is the best choice for your Erasmus!

1. Perfect place for travellers

If you choose Brno as your Erasmus destination, it’s like getting a whole package of countries to see, not only the Czech Republic.  Just pack your backpack, take a bus or a train and go see Vienna or Bratislava. It’s just about two hours away! How cool is that?

What? Still not impressed? Well you can also go to Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Amsterdam or even Paris, Rome and Milan! It takes a couple more hours but it’s still not expensive for students.

Tentokrát naposledy prinášame rozhovor z edície honest talk. Dnes sa s HR (human resources) Miškou, a LR (local representative) Katy porozprávame o ich funkciách a živote v ISC… a skratkách.


… alebo aj unicorn Terka a bunny Eliška. Opäť sme zasadli v ISC-čku, no tentokrát v malej zasadačke sme si vyliali srdcia a kolu. O tom ako vznikali legendy a čo s nimi bude po skončení v boarde si môžete prečítať v nasledujúcich riadkoch.

Druhý diel rozhovorov s našimi boarďákmi je tu! Tentokrát sme sa spolu so Secretary Katie a Treasurerkou Martinkou usadili v ISC-čku. Pôvodne sme k rozhovoru mohli mať aj kokosové kocky, ale Katie dostala hlad :( Čo všetko funkcie obnášaj[ a ako sa s nimi slečny popasovali sa dozviete v nasledujúcich riadkoch.

Vzhľadom na blížiace sa voľby budeme v nasledujúcich týždňoch prinášať rozhovory s členmi ISC boardu. Dnešok bude venovaný prezidentke Silvii Sýkorovej, a Communication manager Nikolke Krištekovej. A môžeme odštartovať prvý zo série honest talk rozhovorov...


Let me introduce the President - Silvia Sýkorová and the Communication Manager - Nikola Krišteková from another perspective. From the unique perspective of a honest talk - sitting on my bed, eating popcorn and chocolate. May the honest talk interview begin...



… not bragging about it, just stating the obvious.




Weather got cool, students got gloomy, Brno became full of non-czech languages and that could mean only one thing; the autumn semester has started. Hold up before you run to school, since even before starts our favourite part of every September; the Orientation Week, which is full of fun events and activities that drive the organisers crazy and one step closer to heart attack. However, we still enjoy doing everything for you and have fun while also making sure exchange students get acquainted with their new city of residence.

Have you always wanted to be a pirate? Bitter taste of rum on your lips, tatoos on your arms, treasure in your pocket, huge boat under your feet and whole sea ahead of you. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Přinášíme vám exkluzivní dvoujazyčný rozhovor dvou nových členů ISC v netradičním kabátu. Jedná se o diskuzi, kde dotazovaný a dotazovatel splývají v jednu osobu. Přidejte se do ISC i vy!


Today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with two of the new ISC members. It’s an interesting mutual interview in which interviewer and interviewee merge into one person. Join the ISC, too!

Sports are more and more popular these days. In other words, who wants to be trendy does a sport. I am one of the sports fans who do sports as hobby as well. Foreign students have thanks to the ISC the opportunity to choose various sports like volleyball, fitness, football, basketball and of course swimming.

Have you ever tried the Quiz Night? What, you don’t know what it is? Then it’s the best time to find out!