Dress up in usual clothes, call up some friends and set out to a favourite club? It sounds little bit trite, right? However, dressing up in a fun in a superhero costume with more than 300 people who are as crazy as you… That sounds quite exciting. Meeting the Joker, Mr. Incredible, Superman or Catwoman would definitely attract your attention. However, that’s not even the main attraction! What if you find out that this party is not in a club - but in a tram, which (and this is the best part) goes through the city during normal traffic hours.

  1. Socks in sandals

Another one of the traditional country presentations took place on Wednesday. Two very different countries were introduced to us – hot-blooded Spain and Russia with its mysterious soul.

This semestr, like every other before, the annual teambuilding took place.

Early spring usually invites out many people passionate for sport. Because it is good for your body and mind and we care about our international students we prepared extraordinary sport event for them. Beermaraton is only for strong ones because there are special rules including strict drinking regime.

Is it better to spend the autumn or spring term in Brno? What a Sophie’s choice, right? I personally consider the semester we’re in right now to be a bit better after all. Yes, there are those amazing markets before Christmas with all that atmosphere, you tend to drink punch and mulled wine pretty much all the time and snow (if you’re lucky that is) changes Brno streets in an unforgettable way.

Michiel Nanninga from Netherlands studies dual- master degree study program and he has been in Brno for two semesters now. What surprised him, who is he living with and what does he have for lunch? Read on!

First, very obvious, but of course necessary question: Why Czech republic, why Brno? Have you been here before?

Trips are one of the things I like about the ISC. The organizing team enjoys them as much as the participants themselves do. Like the one time when me and my friend Olivia took a group of Erasmus students for a trip to the castle Lednice. When we woke up at 7 o clock that day, we had no idea what adventure is awaiting us.

On Saturday the 7th of March a group of foreign students went to a nearby metropolis. Here is how it came off.

On the last Saturday of February some of the exchange students went on a trip to a historic centre of the town Znojmo. The whole group took a bus in the morning and it did not take long to get there.

The city tour started at the city walls where brief history of the place was told. Also a competition, in which it was possible to win a bottle of Znojmo wine, was announced there. The task for the competing teams was to answer questions about history of Znojmo and Czech Lands.

           The film screening took place on 10 February in the Scala Cinema. As in the last semester, the foreign students could choose a Czech film to watch during the Orientation week. Among many successful films they finally chose an Oscar-winning film Kolya, and they sure did not regret their choice. The screening room was still quite empty even a few minutes before the beginning of the film. Then the students finally arrived, curiously waiting for the film to start.

As you may have already found out, Brno is famous for its countless cafes. Beer? Of course, you can get it almost everywhere. But finding a good cup of coffee, that can be tricky.

It has become custom that each semester starts with a series of cultural events one of the most popular, with tasting of Moravian wine. Brno as the center of Moravia offers foreign students a unique opportunity to try the best wine in the Czech Republic.

The Orientation Week is underway and with it many various events and entertainment. All students, whether foreign or local, want to meet and make new friends and there is nothing better for that purpose than the one thing we all enjoy and love - food. That’s one of the many reasons of popularity of International Dinner, which took place on Thursday February 12th, 2015 at 7pm in dormitory Vinarska.

On Monday Decemebr 8th we had the opportunity to see a famous play Alice, Alice and Alice down and through wonderland. Our hardworking international students were rehearsing throughout the whole semester to be able to meet their audience in the Eleven club, which is also the place where there is a Quiz night every Tuesday. I interviewed Katka Baková, the author of the whole idea.


How did you get the idea to start a drama club?

Erasmus Night... Like... Another Erasmus party? Why? Hasn't there been enough of them? NO!


The time that puts the smile on our faces is here once again (unless we let the big presents shopping spree spoil it for us). Yes, we are talking about Christmas. There are only several days left and we have to enjoy them fully. Luckily we are in Brno, so that should be easy.

To be part of the ISC is cool, but to be a foreign student is even cooler! In various offer of different activities like regular parties, sports and country presentations are also weekend trips organised into some parts of the Czech Republic (or even into foreign destinations). The weekend 17. 10. - 19. 10. was spent on a trip on the biggest mountain of the Czech.

Besides many new Erasmus students who arrive in Brno every autumn, many Mafia families come there as well only to have a rough fight over control  of the city.

We are bringing you another report from our regular Wednesday parties. Next in the row was the first party organized in Brno United cooperation. Brno United is an informal union of the three Brno ESN sections, a.k.a. ISC MU, ISC VUT and ISC MENDELU.