Czech and Slovak Christmas traditions

With Christmas just around the corner, you see Christmas trees and lights everywhere in Brno. Of course, in the shops, you could have seen the decorations since October. Talk about the Christmas spirit, right? Have you ever wondered how Czechs and Slovaks celebrate Christmas? Which aspects are the same, but which are drastically different from your countries? Let’s take a (not so) deep dive into the traditions of this lovely time of year.

Czech holidays in autumn

Autumn is traditionally connected to the beginning of school, cozy socks, and rainy days. In the Czech Republic, it is also a time of a few very important holidays we would like to introduce you to. And no, it is not just about dressing up for Halloween, although we do admit that that is a lot of fun. However, history can be fun too, promise.

Czech films, music, and books you shouldn't miss!

In the Czech Republic, we have a saying: "Co Čech, to muzikant," which means that every Czech is a musician at heart. And there is probably something to it - we cherish our culture, whether it is music, films or literature, and are very proud of it. In this article, you will find out which masterpieces from Czech culture you shouldn't miss. Read on!

Tram Party - Spring 2022

Did you know that the first (horse-drawn) tram in Brno set off on August 17, 1869, at 7 p.m.? The route led from today’s Moravian Square to Semilasso in the Královo Pole district. Since then, the tram has become one of the most (if not the most) popular means of transport around Brno – there are approximately 177 trams put to use on a daily basis. And what would be more iconic and symbolic than to have a party in one of these trams?

The Ball Culture of Czech Republic

The first thing that pops in mind when you say "a ball" (in this case not the round thing you use when playing a sport) is usually a grand dance ball we see in fairytales or the very famous Vienna ball. In the Czech Republic, balls are very popular. Most are organized in celebration of final year high school students, who also get their sashes during a special ceremony. Those are not the only types of balls, however - we also have special balls - organized by firefighters, a student association,  for charity, and so on. Even small villages have their own balls, held in gymnasiums for example.

Czech Traditions part 1

There are plenty of Czech Christmas traditions connected to Christmas Eve. Actually, we can divide them into some parts. One of these parts is classified as traditions of foretelling of the future or fortune. This may be connected to the fact, that our ancestors understood Christmas as a part of the year when the frontier between the real world and the supernatural world was being removed. This made a great atmosphere for foretelling fortune in many different ways and customs. One of these customs which belongs to this category is throwing a shoe.