Czech and Slovak Christmas traditions

With Christmas just around the corner, you see Christmas trees and lights everywhere in Brno. Of course, in the shops, you could have seen the decorations since October. Talk about the Christmas spirit, right? Have you ever wondered how Czechs and Slovaks celebrate Christmas? Which aspects are the same, but which are drastically different from your countries? Let’s take a (not so) deep dive into the traditions of this lovely time of year.

Interview with international students: living in Brno, Czech culture, and recommendations

Brno is a wonderful student city; it’s full of opportunities because of its lively atmosphere, fun events, beautiful cityscape, and proximity to other cool places. If you want to know more about what it’s like to be a student here, then keep reading to learn about the experiences of international students from Greece, Ireland, Japan, and Azerbaijan.

Czech holidays in autumn

Autumn is traditionally connected to the beginning of school, cozy socks, and rainy days. In the Czech Republic, it is also a time of a few very important holidays we would like to introduce you to. And no, it is not just about dressing up for Halloween, although we do admit that that is a lot of fun. However, history can be fun too, promise.

This Autumn Semester's Boat Party

Did you know that there is a sea in Brno? Well, alright, that is not actually true, however, the Brno Dam offers everything that a sea does (except the salty water). This semester, students in Brno had the opportunity to experience an incredible party on a boat cruising the Brno Dam – an event that has been an ESN MUNI Brno tradition.