There are so many activities which ESN can provide to you! But how not to get lost in the amount? The variety of activities can be divided into 6 causes which are a literal transfer of what we believe, our mission and goals as an international organisation.



Wanna know a bit more about the Czech Republic? You can visit dozens of exciting places, learn the Czech language or discover some of our traditions. You can also learn about other countries during Country Presentations.


Health & Well-Being

You can learn first aid, do some sports with us or enjoy our other activities which can be useful for mental health. Also, our parties are done responsibly.


Education & Youth

As an organisation made of students, ESN works with the aim of sharing mobility. Therefore you can, for example, take part in Erasmus in Schools and show the young kids how studying abroad can change their lives and at the same time break prejudices about your country.


Skills & Employability

Through international mobility, we develop many skills that will be useful in our future employment. ESN believes in the development of these skills and works to assure that every international student has the opportunity to do so.


Environmental Sustainability

During international mobility, we can develop a connection with the environment too. ESN wants to raise awareness of the environmental issues our planet is suffering from. We hope you find our cup useful and replace disposable plastic cups with it. You are also more than welcome to visit some of our environment-oriented events - like cleaning the ZOO.


Social Inclusion

Let’s make the world better by helping others. In return, you’ll increase the interaction between you and local communities. Walking dogs from a shelter or giving food to homeless people could be a good start, don’t you think?


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