Do you want to become a Buddy? That is just amazing!

Please register in our system Fiesta, where you will fill out your profile and soon be able to pick your new Erasmus friend.


Right after registration, you will receive all essential information by email.

Picking of Erasmus students usually unlocks shortly before the start of a new semester and remains open till its end.


Is that all?

No! You have just become a member of a very active and friendly community that shares similar goals and hobbies. Taking care of international students is just one of them. You can take part either as a participant or helper/organizer.

Events for incoming students:

Orientation Week

Board Games

Quiz Nights

Country Presentations

Karaoke Nights

Causes events



Events for local students:

all of the above

Member Meetings


ESN CZ (national) events


In ESN, everyone can find a way to fill up their free time. It is only up to you whether you want to stay only a Buddy or would like to organize activities for hundreds of people. Check out the LOCAL STUDENTS page to learn more, contact us if you have questions, and do not forget to visit our office at Komenského náměstí 2