When you come to Brno, there are two types of accommodation you can choose from. Here we will show you the differences as well as tips on how to get housing. Also, we included a handy vocabulary and indicative prices. Also, If you already have a positive experience with accommodation in Brno and you would like to share the contact of your landlord for future exchange students, please click on this link.


Let’s start with the map. Here is the Brno City:

As you can see, the MUNI is set all around Brno. So, before choosing your accommodation, you might consider taking a look at where you will take your classes. However, if you consider the size of Brno and the fact that travelling from one side of the city to another takes no more than one hour, you do not have to be concerned about living a bit further from your faculty.

The red colour shows the historical city centre, where the prices can get a bit higher, whereas the orange colour demonstrates the outskirts where housing should be cheaper. The yellow colour shows the places which are quite remote, and you should consider whether or not you are willing to live this far from MUNI facilities and the city centre.


Types of accommodation

The Masaryk University dormitories

There are many options, if you want to check all the locations, buildings and services provided by the MUNI, make sure to check out this website. Be aware that usually only Vinařská, Kounicova and Komárov dormitories are available and offered to the exchange students.

The monthly rent depends on the type of dormitory. They might have recently undergone the reconstruction. Thus, prices are higher or the number of roommates. This is the price range: 1.900 CZK to 4.400 CZK.

This is the option we recommend for our exchange students. Here’s why:

  • it is the cheapest option (cheap rent, small and refundable deposit),
  • it is easiest to get (no tricks, contracts handled by the MUNI),
  • it is a great opportunity to socialise with other students,
  • they are usually located in the city centre (except for Komárov dormitories),
  • and there are many services available (gyms, canteens, household equipment to borrow like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, …).

On the other hand, some students might find inconvenient:

  • sharing their room with another student(s),
  • sharing the services with the others (kitchen, bathroom, …),
  • some of the equipment (furniture) is old,
  • or the location itself.


Private accommodation

Even here, you have a variety of options to choose from on the market. However, in this case, you should be more careful and prepare that most adverts are in Czech. We recommend using either Google Translate or ask your Buddy to help you.

Private flat owners are the most prevalent kind of private accommodations. You can find the advertisements, usually in various Facebook groups. Some websites specialise in these ads, the Czech language, and the English ones you can find here. Finally, there’s also a list of trusted landlords we got from previous exchange students which we regularly update, which you can find here, plus the similar list from the MUNI which you can find here.

The prices vary a lot but keep in mind that you pay at least 1.000 - 2.000 CZK more than MUNI dormitories.
If you decide to choose this type of accommodation, keep in mind these things:

  • the “normal” price for a single room in a shared flat should never exceed 8.000 CZK per month,
  • the deposit is usually two to three rents,
  • never pay a landlord in advance but only after you see the flat in person,
  • and always ask if the price includes bills for energies (gas, electricity & water) and the internet.

Private agencies are a pricier but more secure way to get accommodation. You should not be afraid to pay in advance; however, usually, the agency asks for the provision which might be high. These agencies prefer renting or finding a place to rent for a longer term than just a few months. Sadly, there are not many English speaking and trusted agencies. ESN from time to time cooperates with Foreigners, other companies are, for example, ICB reality, Bravis Reality or Remax.

Private dormitories are also another possibility. First, there are JAMU’s university dorms which accept even non-JAMU students, and then these private dorms.



We prepared a shortlist of words that might come in handy when browsing through Czech accommodation adverts.

dívka/holka girl
chlapec/kluk boy
jen/pouze only
k prodeji to sell
k pronájmu to rent
kauce deposit
pokoj room
byt apartment
1 + KK the smallest type of flat composed of one big room with a bathroom
2 +1 a flat composed of two rooms and one kitchen
dům house
centrum města city centre
vybavení furnishing