Are you looking for Erasmus full of various exciting events? You are at the right place!


Every semester we offer weekly events and many cultural and sports activities. Last but not least are entertainment events. Every student with any preference can find an event that will suit them.


Weekly events

Events that every semester take place every week are board games, karaoke, or quiz nights designed to enjoy some fun, good Czech beer, meet new friends, and build better friendships. To learn and showcase different cultures from all around the world we organize Country presentations, which are a semester-long competition for the worthy prize!


Culture events

If you would like to learn even more about the culture of the Czech Republic, our calendar has many different cultural events and trips throughout the whole semester. As an example visiting theatre plays, museums or interesting places with cultural heritage can be enlisted. 


Language classes

For every international student learning languages can be a passion or a need. Our language classes are here just for you. You have the opportunity to learn Czech or other languages from international students willing to teach their mother tongue, so on the other side, you are also welcome to teach your mother tongue to other interested students. 


Sport activities

On an Exchange programme in Brno, you can easily stay fit. Our sports events are meant to show off all possibilities, that this beautiful city gives. Paintball, Laser games, running challenges, swimming, skating, circuit training, or playing football against students from other universities in the Erasmus cup are some more pumped-up activities. We also have different types of yoga classes to take a deep breath between all the responsibilities. 



We know that you came here to have fun, so with beer marathons, beer pongs, or parties we are providing this part of the Erasmus experience. Our special parties such as the Boat party or the Tram party are the ones you do not want to miss! In the spring semester, there is also an International students ball organized, because balls of all kinds are a big part of Czech culture.   


Is there an event that caught up your eye? Would you like to learn more? 

For more information regarding events for every semester follow our social media, where everything is up to date.


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