The Buddy Programme of the ESN MUNI Brno is the main reason why the club was established and nowadays is one of its fundamental activities.

The programme consists of putting together pairs of Czech/Slovak and exchange students. We presume that very few international students speak communicative Czech and even those few would be thankful for a helping hand, at least in the first while after their arrival.

Czech Buddies (formerly "tutors", recruited from home students) are therefore supposed to pick up their foreign friends upon arrival in Brno, to take them to the place of their accommodation and to help them to arrange all the formalities, as it is still a bit rare to encounter English speaking Czechs at official places.

Apart from the assistance provided to the incoming student, the other goals of the Buddy Programme are those of cultural and linguistic exchange and - often - making friends for life!

Please note that students from Masaryk University are taking care of incoming students in their free time. They are all volunteers, and they are here to help you to answer all possible questions, but they are just human beings.

In case you would have any issue with your Buddy, feel free to contact Buddy Programme coordinator