Did you know that there is a sea in Brno? Well, alright, that is not actually true, however, the Brno Dam offers everything that a sea does (except the salty water). This semester, students in Brno had the opportunity to experience an incredible party on a boat cruising the Brno Dam – an event that has been an ESN MUNI Brno tradition.

First, a bit of history

The boat transport on the Brno Dam operates regularly from April to October. The first cruise ship floated to the surface of the dam on May 5, 1946. All ships, popularly known as "steamers", have an electric drive, so they are almost inaudible and do not burden the environment with exhaust fumes.

And now time for the party!

The cruise took place on the 6th of October. It was a beautiful, warm night, perfect for sailing across the dam. There were three boats in total, as the event was co-organized by ESN Brno United (ESN MUNI, ESN MENDELU & ESN VUT). As soon as you stepped foot inside our boat, you could recognize the theme: it was a fruity cruise, with fruit peeking out from everywhere: the ceiling, the walls, and the tables. Freshly cut fruit was served by our lovely ESN members.

Over a hundred souls embarked on the journey. And boredom was out of the question. First, you could get whatever drink you wanted from our lovely bartenders. And, when you ordered a drink, a cute little fruit decoration was in it as well. Cheers!

What would be a party without a DJ? The dance floor in the front of the ship had it all: lights, music, and, of course, you, the party people.

A big advantage of the boat party was that you could sit down below the deck and chat with your friends. Or you could have gone on the deck and enjoy the lovely views of Brno, the forests surrounding the Dam, and even (safely of course) could have recreated the scene from Titanic with your friends. After the boat cruised the dam, it was time to disembark. That was not the end, however.

Lastly, what would be an ESN Brno United event without an after-party? As always, trams were prepared for the students to take them directly to the spot where the fun continued.

We hope you enjoyed the cruise and had a lovely time! See you again next semester!