If you want to take a break from Brno and there is nothing more for you to see, or you just want to
see something else, then here are some tips for trips and places around Brno that are definitely
worth visiting.

First of all, we have the Lednice-Valtice area, a unique landscape complex with plenty of cultural and
natural monuments, dominated by beautiful chateaus in Lednice and Valtice. In the area, you can
also find a large Greenhouse, Minaret, temples, ponds, and much more. Walking through the park
will make you feel like a real prince and princess.

You also shouldn’t miss Pálava hills, another famous area, known for the ruins of the Děvičky castle
on the top. After burning a few calories climbing the hill you can enjoy a really beautiful view of the
surrounding full of vineyards and lakes.

Near Pálava, there is a lovely historic town of Mikulov, surrounded by vineyards, with a castle in the
middle, a Jewish cemetery or the Holy Hill. On the top of the hill there is St. Sebastian’s Church, but
what’s even better is the view of the town, which is definitely worth seeing. After the tour you can
enjoy some delicious wine or food in one of the many restaurants, wine bars and cafés in the historic
city centre.

Another town, also known for its wine production, is Znojmo. Znojmo is an old royal town with an
underground labyrinth, the majestic St. Nicholas’ Church, Znojmo Castle or Romanesque Rotunda,
which is situated on the premises of a brewery. You can enjoy a view of the Dyje River Valley with a
beer or wine in hand, or you can take a trip to the beautiful Podyjí National Park.

If you are in Brno, you have to visit the Moravian Karst, a large complex of caves and gorges. Some of them are
open to the public and the atmosphere and beauty inside the caves will impress you. The most popular are the
Punkva Caves, which are well-known for the Macocha Abyss, the largest abyss of this type in the Czech
Republic and Central Europe. You can also visit The Balcarka Cave, The Catherine Cave or The Sloup-Šošůvka

Can’t be missing the town of Kroměříž, famous for its Castle surrounded by two picturesque gardens
– the Castle Garden and the Flower Garden.

Other places you can visit are Olomouc with its well-preserved Old Town or Dinopark and Zoopark Vyškov.

And if that’s still not enough and you want to see even more, you can visit this website:

So… Ready to pack your bags and get on over to experience the beautiful sites the regions
surrounding Brno have to offer?