Czech Traditions part 1

There are plenty of Czech Christmas traditions connected to Christmas Eve. Actually, we can divide them into some parts. One of these parts is classified as traditions of foretelling of the future or fortune. This may be connected to the fact, that our ancestors understood Christmas as a part of the year when the frontier between the real world and the supernatural world was being removed. This made a great atmosphere for foretelling fortune in many different ways and customs. One of these customs which belongs to this category is throwing a shoe.

Cause of ESN? What and Why?

You have probably already heard about the causes of ESN, and if you haven’t, now it’s time to learn something new! Causes of ESN are areas in which ESN carries out its activities at the local level. Basically, everything our section is doing is motivated by them.

ESN MUNI Brno - Explained

Are you in Brno on your Exchange programme? Or have you just seen some logos of ESN MUNI Brno around the faculties, and you are wondering, what is it supposed to be? Well, briefly, as our president described it: “We are students helping students. All of us are volunteers who joined the section for various reasons, but we all have in common the care for international students coming to our university.”