Are you in Brno on your Exchange programme? Or have you just seen some logos of ESN MUNI Brno around the faculties, and you are wondering, what is it supposed to be? Well, briefly, as our president described it: “We are students helping students. All of us are volunteers who joined the section for various reasons, but we all have in common the care for international students coming to our university.”

Adél joined ESN before going on Erasmus, in August 2018.

What do we offer Exchange students?

The core programme of ESN is, without a doubt, the buddy programme.  There we pair up local students with the international ones to help them adapt to a new culture and have someone they can turn to whenever they need it. Apart from that, we also organise tons of different events. It all starts with the Orientation week at the beginning of each semester, but the ride doesn’t stop there. Each week there are some cool activities to participate in. Of course, during standard semesters, the variety is much wider. However, even in the online world, we came up with some interesting events and ideas.


Is there anything we can provide to the local students?

There is a lot, actually. Since we are such a big organisation with a broad reach, there is always something you can do and try things you normally wouldn’t be able to try anywhere else. So be it organising different events, taking photos or creating graphics, attending various workshops and national events, looking for new partnerships or doing some IT magic - I think there is a space for everyone to do what they love or try whatever they’ve wanted to try for a long time. 

What did the ESN experience give you?
I do think that every university student should maximise the use of their studies and gain from it as much as possible. For me, the years that I spent in ESN were irreplaceable, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Because I met so many amazing people in Brno and also all across the world, I learned to communicate with different institutions and stakeholders, to organise my time efficiently, to lead a team, organise events for hundreds of people, and also to make piñatas and bison head from paper because basically, no idea is impossible in ESN. Lastly, you will always find people to help you with whatever you come up with - and that’s what I love about it!

The most important question is: Where can people find us?

Well, our main office is at Komenského square, but we have a smaller one at Vinařská dormitory as well, and of course at all our lovely events!


How would you describe our section in one sentence?

Full of great and funky people always ready to help and organise cool events.