You have probably already heard about the causes of ESN, and if you haven’t, now it’s time to learn something new! Causes of ESN are areas in which ESN carries out its activities at the local level. Basically, everything our section is doing is motivated by them. They're the backbone of our ESN body. What are these causes, you may ask: 


Education & Youth

ESN is a volunteer organisation. We all already know this. Our members provide information about mobility programs but also motivate students to study abroad. ESN has a significant impact on the quality of mobility in Europe and makes sure the voice and needs of youth are heard. 



We all are living in different places and come from different cultural backgrounds. We have different customs, values and social behaviour. When you’re going to study abroad, you start discovering a new world you probably don't know existed. This cause wants to bring you closer not only to the local culture. Unity in diversity, diversity in unity. Because of this cause, we organised country presentations, language courses and trips around Europe. 



Social Inclusion

The main goal of this cause is to make mobility inclusive and to fulfil the needs of everyone. Let’s help others and make the world a better place. Walking dogs from a shelter or giving food to homeless people is a great place to start. 


We want to inform our members and exchange students about environmental sustainability, one of the significant struggles of today’s society. Using eco-friendly suppliers, recycling or just raise awareness about the issue. Everything counts, and we are a part of the movement!



Employability & skills

International exchange is a great place to gain experience for your future employment but also the personal growth. This cause is centred around the skills crucial for finding a job and keeping it. It is also the ability to set clear and realistic goals in your life.


Health & Wellness

This cause is centred around the well-being of our members and exchange students, from workshops about mental health to the promotion of sports activities. Think about yourself and try to be the best version of yourself while enjoying the best times of your life. 


By Tereza Šimčíková