Did you know that the first (horse-drawn) tram in Brno set off on August 17, 1869, at 7 p.m.? The route led from today’s Moravian Square to Semilasso in the Královo Pole district. Since then, the tram has become one of the most (if not the most) popular means of transport around Brno – there are approximately 177 trams put to use on a daily basis. And what would be more iconic and symbolic than to have a party in one of these trams?


This is exactly what happened on March 10 when ESN United (ESN MUNI, ESN MENDELU & ESN VUT) hosted this funky event. The décor of the trams turned into a tropical jungle with banana leaves, green garlands, and matching balloons, and it was as filled with passengers of all assorted kinds of appearances – leopards, tigers, crocodiles, wildlife explorers, and many more. 


The journey started at Výstaviště – Hlavní Vstup station, where the passengers embarked, uplifted by booming tones from the DJ and dancing juices prepared by our skillful bartenders. 



Afterwards, the packed tram went for 2 hours through the majority of (in)famous Brno places – such as the Freedom Square (the one with the astronomical clock), Malinovsky Square, Moravian Square as well as to the outskirts of Brno where there was often a place for a quick stop to get some fresh air, do open-air dancing, secretly sneak into one of the other ESN trams or to take more pictures. 

What made the party even more enjoyable was passing “ordinary” trams on the way and earning loud cheering or thumbs-up from the passersby.

All good things must end, and so did the tram party – the last stop was at Pionýrská station, which was convenient for all those joyful and not prepared to go home yet. Within walking distance of Pionýrská, there is the La Grotta Club, where an after-party took place. Judging by how quickly the dancefloor filled up, a lot of our unstoppable Erasmus students, as well as the ESN crew, were not ready to call it a night. The DJ played until the early hours of the morning, delighting the audience with some good-quality bangers – the strongest moment of all might have been when he played the remix of ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries, and everyone still present wrapped their arms around the people they were surrounded by, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.