How to spend the summer in Brno

It’s the end of spring, and the days are (finally) getting nice. Yayyy. Take out the shorts and ditch the jackets. Gone with winter boots, say hello to sandals – with socks, obviously. It’s time to enjoy summer – spend it like a Czech. Indeed, it’s the exam period. But why not treat yourself afterwards – come on, you know you deserve it. We’re bringing some tips on how to spend these lovely upcoming days.


The Exam Survival Guide: A Hilarious Expedition for Erasmus and International Students

Ah, exams! The time of year when stress levels skyrocket, coffee becomes your new best friend, and textbooks seem to multiply like rabbits. But fret not, Erasmus and international students! We're here to give you a comprehensive survival guide sprinkled with humor. So, buckle up, put on your study cap, and get ready for an unforgettable exam expedition!

Interview with international students: living in Brno, Czech culture, and recommendations

Brno is a wonderful student city; it’s full of opportunities because of its lively atmosphere, fun events, beautiful cityscape, and proximity to other cool places. If you want to know more about what it’s like to be a student here, then keep reading to learn about the experiences of international students from Greece, Ireland, Japan, and Azerbaijan.

Interview with Inês Sanches. What is it like to be an Erasmus student in Brno?

Many people say that Brno is the best student city in the Czech Republic. Honestly, it only gets better. In 2017 Brno was marked the sixth-best student city in the world. If you are still struggling with choosing the right city for your Erasmus stay, an interview with Inês Sanches, a Portuguese Erasmus student, should help with answering all of your questions.

10 Reasons why Brno is the best choice for your Erasmus!

1. Perfect place for travellers

If you choose Brno as your Erasmus destination, it’s like getting a whole package of countries to see, not only the Czech Republic.  Just pack your backpack, take a bus or a train and go see Vienna or Bratislava. It’s just about two hours away! How cool is that?

What? Still not impressed? Well you can also go to Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Amsterdam or even Paris, Rome and Milan! It takes a couple more hours but it’s still not expensive for students.

10 Reasons why Brno is the best choice for your Erasmus!

Orientation Week in a Nutshell - autumn 2016

Weather got cool, students got gloomy, Brno became full of non-czech languages and that could mean only one thing; the autumn semester has started. Hold up before you run to school, since even before starts our favourite part of every September; the Orientation Week, which is full of fun events and activities that drive the organisers crazy and one step closer to heart attack. However, we still enjoy doing everything for you and have fun while also making sure exchange students get acquainted with their new city of residence.