Have you always wanted to be a pirate? Bitter taste of rum on your lips, tatoos on your arms, treasure in your pocket, huge boat under your feet and whole sea ahead of you. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? But even if you have other carrier plans now you could become a pirate for a night on Boat party organized by ISC for international students and tutors. Hooray!

For most of the people the party already started on the way to the lake. I went by a tram and I had a feeling that I am returned back to the Tram party. Whole tram was fully crowded by pirates and everybody was doing his special „pirate stuff“. Of course this was highly appreciated by all the others hard working folks who happend to be on a same tram. Luckily everybody was nice and friendly so we didn’t have to put out our blades. When we arrived to Přístaviště everybody was already very motivated to jump on a boat and carry on. Only the driver of the tram stayed in because captain never leaves the ship!

Few minutes of walk and many pubs just left behind unnoticed because everybody knew that there is extraordinary event awaiting us! Three boats (one for each university) were already on the spot. During the boarding you are welcomed by warm smiles and a drink to warm you up even more. Wheater was good, captain in a mood so we sailed away.

Imagine three party boats on a lake litterally shining in the night. The fishes will be dreaming about this night for the rest of their lifes. Party was very nice and crazy but also responsible! Officialy nobody drowned and because the captain missed the welcome drink we didn’t even make a camp fire. But we were on fire and that was enough. I noticed that few people were apparently suffering from sea-sickness so they were probably happy when we came back to the solid land after two hours on a boat.

This time the afterparty was on Favál. ISC organized the transport directly to the club by buses. You couldn’t say no to this offer. On our way I noticed that few people were suffering from bus-sickness. True pirates by heart! I have never been to Favál before so I checked every detail of that club. There was pretty party atmosphere. And we breathe it in and party like there is no tommorow...

But the tommorow came. Luckily. Because it means that there will be another chance to visit Boat party next semester!


Written by: Jan Scheuer