1) Catch the ball!

Every day when the Astronomical clock on the Liberty square strikes at eleven in the morning there’s a ball coming out of it. All you have to do is put your hand in one of the holes and hope you’ll get lucky. If you catch the small glass ball, you’ll have the best souvenir from Brno!

2) Swim in the dam

„Prígl“ is the best destination for hot days. Everybody goes there! And if you don’t wanna go there on your own just wait for The Boat Party which we organize on the boat (obviously).

3) Experience the view from „Špilas“

If you’re not into historical tours don’t let it keep you from the Špilberk castle. You don’t have to go inside. Just go up there and enjoy the city view. It’s stunning.

4) Take a walk in a park

The biggest and the most famous park in Brno is Lužánky. It’s the piece of nature in the city you’re looking for. Just take a walk, have a picnic or enjoy your morning jogging.

5) Kofi-Kofi

I know. I just won’t shut up about the coffee. But this is a tradition! Find one of the coffee trucks and try one cup. You won’t be sorry!

6) Meet under the clock

If you start meeting your friends under the clock, that’s when you become the real Brno citizen. It’s a place on Česká street, the busiest point in Brno. There is always a crowd of people waiting so you won’t miss it for sure.

7) Hang out in front of the theater

When it gets sunny and nice, you don’t want to stay inside. That’s the time when students hang out on the Moravian square (Moravské náměstí) in front of the Janáček theater Brno.

8) Take a picture with Jošt

The monumental statue of Jošt is definitely a must see! For the picture, I recommend going right under the horse. Look up, I am sure you'll figure out what the best angle by yourself. (haha!)

9) Scala!

If you want to see a movie, just pick this cinema. Scala is the one which belongs to our university, so you know why it is on the list.

10) Come to our events ;)

And number ten. You can’t leave this one out, but usually also don’t know what to write here. Well, this is not the case! What you really need to do in Brno is to participate in as many events as you can. There are so many! Just stay tuned and check out the calendar!

Written by Pavlína Černá.