It’s the end of spring, and the days are (finally) getting nice. Yayyy. Take out the shorts and ditch the jackets. Gone with winter boots, say hello to sandals – with socks, obviously. It’s time to enjoy summer – spend it like a Czech. Indeed, it’s the exam period. But why not treat yourself afterwards – come on, you know you deserve it. We’re bringing some tips on how to spend these lovely upcoming days.



Did you know that the city of Brno pays for your rides? Really! Nextbikes and Rekola have a special promotion – 2 rides a day, each for half an hour, for free. Take your friends out for a ride. And where to? Let your imagination go wild! Park rides, or just endlessly strolling around the streets. You decide. As long as the city’s paying… Beware, though, Brno is anything but flat – those living in Vinařská or Klácelova know what I mean.



Explore the nature!

Wherever you’re in Brno, it’s just minutes away from the nearest park. Want to go deeper into the wilderness? Try exploring Wilsonův les, minutes away from Náměstí Míru. Or take a trolleybus number 26 to Nový Lískovec and head out to Kamenný vrch and Koniklecova louka. And how could we forget about Kraví hora? A bit further away, Obora Holedná is a wonderful place to wander around. So many options. Personal tip – get an app called They have the best topo active maps. If you still manage to get lost, don’t worry. As all roads lead to Rome, all (well, most) trams go to Hlavní nádraží.


Watch the sunrise!

This might be something for the early birds, as I doubt that most of us have the will to watch the sunrise at 5am. Welp, that’s the price we pay for great memories. Invite some friends (= annoy them long enough that they eventually agree to wake up at 4), and don’t forget to bring a warmer jacket – the nights can get cold. Go to Špilberk castle – although the castle itself is closed that early, the park is not. And there is a plateau situated directly to the east, a perfect spot. Pro-tip – you don’t have to wake up early if you stay up all night long. Who needs sleep, after all…



Of course, what kind of summer would it be without a cold beer?Want to save some money? Bottled beer, a blanket, and a park of your choice it is, just like in our early teen days. Or bring a book(or a journal) and some headphones. We live in a hectic world – why not slow down a bit? Enjoy the moment. You’re here in Brno, and it’s summer… Does this get any better?


Festival season is here! Whether you’re a fan of music or theater, Brno and the Czech Republic have something for everyone. If you want to be spontaneous, you can still make it to Rock for Peoplethis week. There are many more, though – Colors of Ostrava during the summer, just to mention one. It would not be a proper summer without Ignis Brunensis. Fireworks and drone shows at the Brno reservoir – a memorable experience for sure. Check out the dates here:



We hope to have shown you that summer is not just for exams – after all, who wants to study when it’s so beautiful outside? It’s like a temptation you can’t resist. A short break hasn’t killed anyone. Looking for more tips? Ask your buddies for their recommendations – they sure will have plenty of their own cool spots. Just remember the essentials – sunglasses and sunscreen.

Jakub Filo