1. Socks in sandals

My humble apologies to all my beloved Czech colleagues (author is Slovak, ed.), this extraordinary phenomenon is however one of the most obvious signs of the arrival of spring. I mean, it is indeed quite a logical choice of footwear; it is already too hot to wear regular casual shoes (hiking boots), but it is still a bit too cold to wear sandals without any additional clothing in it. As easy as that! As a result, we are blessed with an opportunity to observe various combinations of sandals and white socks. If you see this, you can be 100% sure that spring has arrived to Brno!


  1. Public drinking

Not only street- haute couture, but also more and more frequent public drinking is a sign of spring in Brno. This way of (pre)drinking is not only economically efficient, but also very enriching. You don’t sit in a smelly, smoky pub, but you are spending time outside, with your friends (just as when you were little kid). And that is always somehow healthier, to be outside, no matter what you do (okay, it does matter, but you get the point, right?!). Even though, it’s highly recommended to make yourself sure, whether it is actually legal, before you start. Wednesdays, Saturdays, Fridays (and Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) are simply the days during which you see groups of students (and homeless people, but we will talk about that another time...), in a small circles around a bottle bench, fully enjoying warm spring evenings. That can only mean one thing; spring!

Public drinking at its best!


  1. Events, events everywhere

Don’t get me wrong, there is always something happening in Brno. There is always an event, a happening, a workshop or an exhibition on which you can participate. All year long. I couldn’t, however, not notice, that with the days getting warmer, spring wind getting softer and upcoming flood of graduate students, the amount of various events rises up to its highest level. For some mysterious reason we have suddenly a chance to visit things independent lectures as „Where is your future?“, „What will you do after school?“, „Culture week!“, „Hipster exhibition“ and so on. Your Facebook News Feed is suddenly full of stuff like „John Smith is attending ‚How I will meet your mother‘ event“, because if it’s not on Facebook, it’s not happening of course. And it is necessary for all your family and friends back home to know, how cool and amazing events are being organized in Brno. Of course, the only ones that are worth attending, are the ones organized by ISC.


  1. Front gardens & terraces a.k.a. stalking allowed

The other sign of spring in Brno are of course front gardens and terraces in front of all pubs, cafés and restaurants. One day, early in the morning, you are casually walking down the Namesti Svobody, enjoying your bacon burger after exhausting night out, and all of a sudden you realize one thing: there are no more X-mas kiosks around you, but terraces. Front gardens with wooden floor and fully furnished. You begin to imagine yourself, sitting on one of them, enjoying a bottle or four of Cider, and well masqued by sunglasses harmlessly stalking strangers passing by...until you at the very end of June realize, that you have done this exactly zero times, because spring means the end of the semester, the end of the semester means exam period and exam period means having absolutely no free time. Hooray, spring!


  1. Active people

With upcoming spring, people always get this strange feeling that they are obligated to do something food for their mind and body. Some of us consider taking care of yourself drinking glass of red wine and reading a book in a park, some of the people however get this evil idea: do a sport. Runners, cyclists, fitness people. Your Facebook News Feed is being fulfilled with maps and track records of how people ran from Moravske Namesti via Luzanky park right onto the top of Spilberg. You definitely won’t miss the newest workouts of your fitness friends (#bikinibody #healthy #fitness) and of course some photos from Yoga sessions, because it is spring time and that is the right time to fitness-spiritual growth. Summed up; if you were locked in a cave and someone would keep the date as a secret from you, you’d just needed a brief look on a Facebook and you’d be totally sure that spring has really arrived.


So, ladies and gentleman, put on some sandals, pour some Pálava into your shaker, turn on an audio book and whilst keeping your heart rate at a right level, run to the nearest art exhibition into a park! Spring is here!


Written by: Nikola Krišteková