The Orientation Week is underway and with it many various events and entertainment. All students, whether foreign or local, want to meet and make new friends and there is nothing better for that purpose than the one thing we all enjoy and love - food. That’s one of the many reasons of popularity of International Dinner, which took place on Thursday February 12th, 2015 at 7pm in dormitory Vinarska.

Tasting the local cuisine is an important part of travelling, however, there are too many countries in the world and visiting them all would take some time. So, if you can’t travel to the food, let the food travel to you. Once again, students from many different countries and from all sides of the world joined together to bring a taste of their homeland to everyone else. There were also typical refreshments from many countries including free beer and Kofola brought by Czech Tutors.


Nonetheless, food and drinks weren’t the only things on the menu. The whole event started off with a play by a club of foreign students called The Truth, followed by the main course: voting for the best cooks. Everyone who wanted to vote took a piece of paper and wrote down the number of the country whose meals they liked the most. It was spiced up by a side dish: a quiz night, which tested the knowledge of all participants on various topics related to food. Countries created groups and did their best to show off their knowledge about Czech and international cuisine.

However, every event comes to an end, and every competition needs it’s winner. International Dinner was no exception and all the winners received prizes for their hard work. The best food competition was won by Lithuania, which showed us beautiful and tasty meals. They weren’t the only ones because soon after, Poland joined them for their knowledge presented in quiz night. The end of competitions brought the event to its conclusion but no one was eager to leave and many stayed a bit longer to chat with their new friends. Everyone surely left with new happy memories, new friendships and new knowledge about food, which they’ll hopefully remember fondly for years to come.