The spring semester of 2022 has slowly come to an end. All that is left now are finals and picnics in the park. But instead of stressing about exam season, let's look back at some of the events that ESN Muni Brno held this term. Altogether, there were 69 events, ensuring that you and your buddies never felt bored and always had something to do, even though Brno has quite a lot to offer.

First, there were the entertainment events. You surely went to Quiz night or Board games at least once, right? Then there were the lovely nights spent singing karaoke with your friends or listening to talented guitar players and singing alongside them at Guitar nights.

Then there were the so-called special events, which included the International Students Ball, where all students had the opportunity to experience the culture of traditional Czech balls, the Tram party, the Boat party, and last but not least the Goodbye party, where the winners of weekly country presentations were announced.  

Focusing on the Boat party for a bit, ESN Muni Brno had not one, but two boats tied together, taking you on a cruise across the Brno Reservoir. Not only was there a DJ on one boat, making sure everyone could dance their hearts out, but there was also a chill-out zone on the other. And, if you wanted the best view, you had the opportunity to enjoy it from not one, but two decks. 

Boat Party

Goodbye party


ESN Muni Brno doesn't forget about sporty people either. This semester, you had the opportunity to participate in a traditional Erasmus cup featuring volleyball and football. And we mustn't forget an interesting cultural event that happened this semester - a visit to the Mahen theatre to watch Hannah, a play set in the 1950s and focusing on the lives of three generations of women: Mira, her aunt Hannah and Mira's grandmother Elsa.

Another highlight was the causes events, which involved Erasmus in schools, a visit to a dog shelter, helping out at the Zoo, a trash-picking hike, and finally, Dinner in the dark. While having fun is an essential part of an Erasmus experience, occasionally helping out and doing good deeds is just as important. Thanks to the events mentioned above, you not only got to know Brno's organizations a bit better, but also took part in helping nature and other important causes.

Dinner in the dark


All good things must come to an end. We hope that your time spent in Brno was nothing short of exciting and enjoyable.