Pre-paid SIMcard with 150CZK credit especially designed for incoming foreign students!

  • Bundle with 3GB and unlimited SMS within the Vodafone CZ network per month within a 50% discount for 6 months.
  • Unlimited calling in the Vodafone CZ network for the first 30 days (included in card price, originally 99 CZK)
  • Minute of calling to 4 selected numbers in all networks in CZ for 1,90 CZK
  • Minute of calling other numbers in CZ for 3,50 CZK
  • SMS for 1,90 CZK
  • MMS for 4,50 CZK
  • Everything in English!

Contact your local ESN section and get your SIMcard!

To renew the bundle you must always have sufficient credit on your card, otherwise, you will lose the bundle.