Studentský Majáles is an annual festival in Brno that celebrates the end of the academic year. This event is organized by students, for students, and has become one of the most popular and anticipated events of the year in the city. 

The origins of Studentský Majáles date back to the 19th century when May Day was a popular holiday in the Czech Republic. The festival evolved from traditional May Day celebrations and became an event for university students to celebrate the end of the academic year. Since then, the festival has grown in popularity, and today it is attended by thousands of people.  

This year, the festival takes place on Saturday the 20th in Areál Hněvkovského in Komárov. The event features live music, performances, and a variety of food and drinks. Students from various faculties and universities in the city come together to organize the festival and showcase their talents. 



One of the most significant events of the festival is the election of the King and Queen of Majáles. This is a highly anticipated event where students compete for the title of King and Queen. The competition involves various tasks and challenges that test the student's skills and abilities. The winners are crowned at the end of the festival and receive various prizes. 

Another popular event at Studentský Majáles is the parade, where students dress up in costumes and walk through the streets of Brno. The parade is a lively and colourful event that showcases the creativity and energy of the students. 

The festival also features a variety of music genres, from rock to electronic dance music. Local bands and musicians perform throughout the day, and international artists have also performed in the past. The music creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere, and the crowd often dances and sings along. This year's edition presents a rich musical program with popular names such as Pokáč, Gleb, Lenny, Adam Mišík and AJ Brix. 

The food and drinks at Student's Majáles are also an essential part of the festival. Food stalls offer a variety of local and international cuisine, and the beer tents serve traditional Czech beer. The festival is an excellent opportunity for students to socialize and enjoy the food, drinks, and music. 

Studentský Majáles is not just a festival for students but for the entire city of Brno. The festival attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, and it is an excellent opportunity for the city to showcase its cultural diversity. 

The tickets are currently on pre-sale and you can buy them in advance through the official website of the event. By buying tickets online you can save money, avoid queues and also it gives you a chance to win one of the special prizes! 


Erik Kobyliak