Are you an exchange student coming to MUNI Brno who wonders whom to rely on for help and fun
during your study stay? Or are you perhaps a local student who is looking for new opportunities and
some fun too? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you are at the right place.
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This article presents Erasmus Student Network through the eyes of ESN MUNI Brno 2022 Board
Members, who answered some questions aimed at the general experience and the running of this
section. First, let's see what ESN is, and then we dive into a more personal view on what it means to
be part of this wonderful community.

ESN MUNI Brno Board 2022, in order of appearance: Sára (Communication Manager), Barča (Treasurer), Terezka (Vicepresident), Kuba (HR Manager), Marijánka (President), Edo (Secretary), Val (Events Manager)

Can you briefly explain what is Erasmus Student Network?
Marijánka, President: It is an international student initiative which is here to help exchange students.
The network is made up of local volunteers who try to provide help to incoming students meanwhile
some also seek for personal development in the international environment.
Sára, Communication Manager: Basically, we are here to help as well as create some fun program
for foreign students. Our work here is fully based on volunteering.
Barča, Treasurer: It's really hard to briefly explain it because it's such a wide topic, but it's an
organization of student volunteers who help incoming foreign students.
Kuba, Human Resources Manager: ESN is a European wide student organization that has sections on
different universities. We take care of international and exchange students who are coming to our
university. Our members are volunteers. They help with running the section and organizing the
activities for international students. One of our main goals and missions of ESN is to connect local
community with international community.

ESN members posing after Internatinal Dinner during OW Autumn 2022, smiling, holding the Czech, ESN MUNI Brno, Slovakian and Ukrainian flag.

For example, what can you do as an ESN member?
Marijánka: I am the president of the ESN MUNI Brno section. I am kind of managing all other board
members, and I make sure that all areas of our work can work well. I'm also representing our section
and our exchange students in communication with the university.
Kuba: Well, I've done many things in ESN. Right now, I am the HR manager, so in our section I am
mainly in charge of recruitment of new members and then one of my main responsibilities is our
university's buddy program. Before foreign students arrive, in the program they can find someone
like a local friend, a “buddy”, who they can ask for help, any tips and tricks on how to survive in the
new environment.

ESNers in front of the Masaryk statue, wearing I LOVE BRNO T-Shirts and each holding multiple paper bags.

Is there anything about ESN MUNI Brno section that sets it apart from other sections?
Sára: We've been kind of known for being a very active section that loves to organize a lot of events.
Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming because there's so much happening, but I also think that
it's something that does set us apart. 

Marijánka: Each section is made up by people. So, I always say that the people make the section; the
people who are here cannot be anywhere else. Other thing is that we have very long tradition, next
year it will be our 20 years anniversary.
Barča: I think it's members. We are quite a big section. And not so many sections are as lucky as we
are to have the cooperation we have with our university. It helps us a lot and with that we can
organize bigger and better events.
Kuba: A big difference between our section and many other sections is the size of it. Masaryk
University is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic. We also have an advantage that we
are not alone in this city. There are two other sections: ESN VUT Brno and ESN MENDELU Brno. We
have many possibilities to coordinate with them and to unite international students across the three

ESNers during preparations for the Welcome Party in Autumn 2022, smiling

What does ESN mean to you?
Sára: I get the great opportunity to meet people from all around Europe. Also, I get some practice for
my future endeavors, for my future jobs and I gain many local and international friends.
Marijánka: What ESN means to me is the community of beautiful people and the moments spent
with them, which together represent a certain period of my life that I dedicated to it all.
Barča: It's friendship, it's opportunities, it's a way how to improve myself, it's about how to
contribute to society. And it's doing something where I see the meaning.
Kuba: Oh, that's a good question! For me, it's mostly the great community of people. ESN offers us
the possibility to do something meaningful. For example, I am an international relations student, so
this international environment is really close to my heart and I love being a part of it. I love meeting
people from different cultures and introducing people from different parts of the world to our local
community and connecting them. I really see a lot of meaning in doing that.

ESNers participating in the Flag Parade during Erasmus Festival 2022

Any final words you would like to say to people interested in ESN? Or about your experience in

Sára: Please don't be afraid to participate in the activities both as an exchange or as a local
student. There are a lot of them happening, and they are a great way to meet new people.
Marijánka: Just be open. Be open to new opportunities, people, cultures, experiences,…
Barča: The experience here is priceless. Without ESN, my university experience wouldn't be so good.
And I feel that thanks to ESN I am enjoying my life.
Kuba: We have this slogan “students for students”, so I think that that's what really captures the
spirit of ESN. At the end of the day, we are just student volunteers who make fantastic events and
meet other students who are coming here. We're a very young, dynamic community of people.

Whether you are an international student or a local student who wants to volunteer, ESN MUNI Brno
is ready to welcome you in the wonderful community!