1) Keep in mind who you are preparing the presentation for!

  • Not for your grandparents, not for teachers, not for some random people but for students, i.e. for the same people as you are.

  • Students are great. They love fun. They expect something "cool"; they are lively and full of ideas. But they are also impatient and are likely to lose attention if you bore them.

  • Imagine that you are in the audience and prepare the presentation for yourself – think of what would amaze you and what fascinating stuff your country could offer to you.

2) Don’t hesitate to use all media available nowadays!

  • PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, photo presentation, a short movie (not downloaded but created by yourselves – use pics of short videos) or even something new and unusual.

  • Let your fantasy do the job for you.

3) Drag your audience into your presentation!

  • Don’t avoid the magical word – INTERACTIVITY.

  • Shoot trailers for your presentation and post them on the internet, post pictures of your upcoming meals into the Facebook event or write into the Facebook group why everybody should come to your presentation

  • Prepare games or quizzes for the spectators, ask them questions, take volunteers to demonstrate on them or even surprise the audience with a short scene.

  • Make it an unforgettable experience.

4) Appeal to all senses!

  • Build your audience not only see your presentation but also hear it, feel it or taste it.

  • Bring some music preferred in your country and see how others secretly dance on their chairs.

  • Feed them with your national food or candies, bring NON-alcoholic drinks (sorry guys, we have to insist on this one).

5) Please, do not drag politics into your presentation!

  • We are a non-political organisation.

  • We respect everyone’s opinions and views, but we are here to enjoy our time and to have fun, not to argue with others and spoil the great atmosphere.

  • Make fun, crack jokes but do not offend!

6) Make sure everything works!

  • Don’t make the others sad because something doesn’t work and you can’t give the presentation.

  • Check if you can open your presentation in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word), Windows Media Player (.avi or .wma files) or web browser (Internet Explorer).

  • Or even send it to us (email address below) sometime before your D-day and make it our responsibility.

7) Feel free to ask for help!

  • We are here for you; if we can, we will always do our best to help you.

  • And if you’re looking for inspiration, come to check the know-how on the first presentation day (the Czechs).