Hi everyone, do you want to have some fun and to do something about your future being with great people from different countries at the same time? Do you like to learn new foreign languages? Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: „Those who know nothing of foreign languages don't know anything of their own.“ As we agree with this quotation, we proudly invite you to our ESN Language School.

Our courses offer a great variety of languages that are all taught by native speakers, highly motivated foreign volunteers. They have a lot of freedom in how they choose to lead the course. Thus every class is different. It can be a basic course, conversation with other participants from all over the world, songs, games or cultural evening. 

Are you proud of your mother tongue, and do you want to show it to other people? Are you interested in teaching your language and sharing experience? It's easy. You can become a teacher in our ESN Language School. How you introduce your language to your students is all up to you. You can teach basics or give classes in conversation. You can add songs or games or share something about your culture and nation. Just let us know at vicepresident@esn.muni.cz. We'll be happy to provide you with a classroom and eager students.

The current courses schedule will be announced.

Yours, Languages coordinator(s)