Every semester Erasmus Student Network MUNI Brno, z. s. (ESN MUNI Brno) organizes trips in cooperation with travel agency BIG Brno:

  • SMALLER TRIPS (one-day trips or trips for the whole weekend near Brno - organized solely by ESN).
  • EXCURSIONS - excursion to abroad (usually three or four days in abroad organized by the travel agency BIG Brno)

The main aim of both is to familiarize the students with the most beautiful destinations near Brno / Czech Republic (or at least more or less near). They are designed mainly for the international students but all the Czech buddies are also warmly invited!

For taking part in the excursions, you need to come to the ESN MUNI Brno office (Komenského náměstí 2, room no. 049, 602 00 Brno - the building of the Faculty of Medicine) on Monday and Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:00 to apply and pay. The responsible person for the excursions abroad is Mirka Slámová from BIG Agency. Contact via email MU-excursion@email.cz

Name Dates Price

The best of romantic Slovakia

Fri 12 October – Sun 14 October 2018

2200 CZK

Paris monuments and Disneyland

Thu 18 October – Sun 21 October 2018

3800 CZK

VENICE - miracle at the lagoon

Fri 02 November – Sun 04 November 2018

1800 CZK

Krakow, Auschwitz - Birkenau, Wieliczka

Fri 16 November – Sun 18 November 2018

2200 CZK

Budapest at Christmas time and Christmas concert

Fri 30 November – Sun 02 December 2018

2300 CZK

Once you will pay for the trip, we cannot guarantee the full refund of the price in case of cancellation or if you are feeling unwell. It is also possible to find somebody who will travel instead of you.

Smaller trips organized by ESN MUNI Brno

Name Dates
Trip to Mikulov 22.9.2018
Trip to Kroměříž 29.9.2018
Trip to Znojmo 06.10.2018
Trip to Macocha Abbey 13.10.2018
Villa Tugendhat 18.10.2018
Wine Tasting vol. 1 25.10.2018
Observatory 09.11.2018
Brno Underground 22.11.2018
Wine Tasting vol. 2 29.11.2018

We cannot guarantee you fine weather but we certainly can assure you a fantastic experience, interesting knowledge and a lot of fun! So do come and join in the trips & excursions, you will not regret!


If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact our Trips coordinator.