Where would you go to be sure to meet other exchange students? To a party! Of course.

Full of music, fun, friends and drinks.

Usually on Wednesday after Country presentations, there is a thematic party organized by ESN MUNI Brno and prepared especially for you! Another nice thing is that the entrance with ESNcard is for free. 
.... and because we love to party and we love to meet other people, we will have some parties together with our lovely exchange students from VUT and Mendelu Universities :)

We also have our special parties which are even more awesome than the regular ones. These are Boat Party, Tram Party, Erasmus Night and Beer Marathon.

Name Date
Boat Party 4th October 2018
Beer Marathon 10th October 2018
Erasmus Night 31th October 2018
Tram Party 15th November 2018


Enjoy and party, party, PARTY!!!

If you have any other questions, contact us via email at events@esn.muni.cz